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in the midst of all the intense activations happening right now (thank you uranus square pluto) we had an amazing astrological signature perfect itself yesterday, commencing a year long journey that will last throughout 2013. saturn, the planet of karma, limitation and discipline, aligned with neptune, the planet of spirituality, mysticism and ungroundedness. this alignment is significant because these two planets are complete opposites of each other. saturn is the root chakra and neptune is the crown chakra. saturn demands we focus on reality and what is, while neptune has us focusing on other dimensions/worlds and the possibilities available to us all. often these two can seem split so that we have a hard time embracing one aspect of existence: we can either be in the material/physical world doing our work and mastering the mundane OR we can be in the spiritual/mystical world, dancing between the dimensions and deepening our Soul's journey. it is very hard for many people to find a bridge between these worlds though, and it is actually one of the biggest lessons on planet earth!

yet with saturn now trine to neptune we have an alignment of seemingly opposite energies- an alignment that is incredibly auspicious and powerful. with the root chakra aligned with the crown chakra we have the kunalini energy activated. opportunities to really be in the body while still being fully aware that we are Spirit are possible right now. with both bodies in water signs scorpio and pisces we have support in diving deep into the emotional and Soulful realms. dreams, intuition and psychic perception can all be spot on! paying attention is necessary though- to glean the information that is trying to make its way to us.

this amazing energy is going to get even more amazing next summer when jupiter moves into cancer and syncs up with saturn and neptune to form a GRAND WATER TRINE. with the two teacher planets (jupiter and saturn) and the two spiritual planets (jupiter and neptune) lining up we have major opportunities for spiritual expansion and consciousness raising! and while all this happens saturn is there anchoring us and making sure we have our camels tethered to a post ;) it's a little known secret that in order to truly master our neptune gifts we MUST have saturn mastered. you can have all the clairvoyant/visionary/dreamy/idealistic qualities that neptune bestows but if you don't have saturn mastered you won't be able to ground, manifest them and actually do something tangible with those gifts. without saturn they stay in the realm of possibility- but they don't make it down to earth.

people who have early degrees of water signs in their chart (0-5 degrees of cancer, scorpio and pisces) will get a direct shot of this auspicious grand water trine energy over the next year- with july 2013 being the highlight! and for all of us- wherever the water signs fall in our chart is where the outlet is for all the intense uranus/pluto energy. while things are falling apart where uranus and pluto are transiting- things are coming back together in deeper and more grounded ways wherever saturn is transiting, things are sensitizing and spiritualizing wherever neptune is transiting, and things will start to expand, grow and uplift wherever jupiter in cancer is transiting when jupiter moves into cancer next summer. there is definitely something to look forward to!

one other thing to note is that saturn and pluto are in mutual reception- meaning they are in each other's signs. saturn is in deep and intense scorpio while pluto is in masterful and grounded capricorn. when planets are in mutual reception they are better able to communicate with each other. while uranus and pluto are doing their intense dance from now until 2015, saturn is the anchor for the uranus/pluto energies because saturn is harmoniously synced up with pluto. chiron is also in the picture because chiron is sextile pluto throughout the next year- so deep and profound opportunities for seeing and owning our shadow (personally and collectively), healing and releasing the past are all around us! we truly are in some amazing times in our collective history!

there is an energetic resonance with what is going on today and what went on back in the times of atlantis. whether or not you believe in atlantis (and i certainly do) the MYTHOLOGY of atlantis is worth looking into. the fall of atlantis occurred because a small group of people got out of control with their power and greed and a very evolved community of people all went down with the ship. many of these people are back again today with the knowledge somewhere deep inside that we cannot let that happen again today. but this requires that we see the shadow- in ourselves and in the world around us- call it out and transform it. not speaking up and taking action about things that matter is the same as being complicit. we cannot sustain this much longer. we need the activist in each of us to wake up! we need to find the one thing that is most meaningful to us in the world- whether it's healthy food/GMO's, what happens to our oceans and the toxic crap that gets dumped in them, global warming, animal rights, or get straight to the heart of it and focus on corruption in the world! whatever it is that gets you fired up- become a voice for that cause! take action- do something and participate in the shift that is going on on the planet. if we each do this then we actually contribute to the change we wish to see in the world- we don't just sit on the sidelines and wish and pray for it. for me a positive manifestation of uranus square pluto is activating the activist and the spiritual warrior in each of us. and saturn trine neptune can help with the manifestation of the healing and awakening we seek.

this week tune into what your Soul is calling you to do- that is saturn trine neptune talking to you. and then tune into uranus square pluto and see where the changes/transformations/endings/deaths and rebirths need to happen and get to it and facilitate them! the longer you wait, the longer the world waits. and we don't have time to waste!

yours in the Stars...

~divine harmony


0 #4 divine harmony 2013-01-24 14:54
thanks for your comments my friends! i am playing catch up on responding to comments from a while back :P oy!

rob- neptune will be on your sun all this year! it's a once in a lifetime transit that will either open you up to the next level of your spiritual journey and compassionate service or it will completely dissolve the ego you and who you thought you were so that something new can reveal itself. likely both will happen at the same time ;)

thank you kathryn! and you, too bob! love you divine brother!
0 #3 rob 2013-01-13 13:23
I have natal sun 4 degree in pisces...9th house....what I can expect? 8)
0 #2 Kathryn 2012-10-16 10:13
Love it - please keep up the great work.
+1 #1 Bob Stevens 2012-10-13 11:28
Wow. Thanks so much Harmony. I feel the calling and know that it's time to use my skills to help others and the world at large. Your call to action is profound and beautifully worded. I feel your heart energy resonate in mine. Namaste Divine Sister!

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