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the positive side of saturn in scorpio...

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someone just wrote on a post on fb that they are only hearing NEGATIVE things about saturn moving into scorpio- and was wondering if there is anything POSITIVE about it. YES THERE MOST CERTAINLY IS! and i will do my best to describe what that is for you here :)

first off i would like to say that scorpio is one of my favorite signs and pluto is one of my favorite planets (pluto rules scorpio). i was born the day pluto stationed direct- so astrologically pluto is the ruling planet of my chart. so clearly i am very tuned into this energy. if you love this energy and are able to embrace it then you will likely have more positive things to say/experience regarding this transit. if you have a lot of fear/replusion around this energy- then saturn in scorpio can be a lot more intense and negative for you. it's all about perspective and your relationship with things. it also will be different depending on what part of you is running your (life)ship. if your ego is running things then saturn transits of ANY KIND will suck. saturn is restriction and limitation and the ego wants none of that. saturn is also about mastery of Self- and the ego thinks it already is the master! but if your Soul is running things- you will be able to see how even the more intense/negative things in life have a purpose and this is how the wisdom and mastery parts of saturn gets accessed. keep that in mind in the upcoming 2 1/2 years of saturn in scorpio ;)

saturn, like all planets, has a light and shadow side. the shadow of scorpio is DEEP since scorpio rules the shadow. the shadow of scorpio governs emotional/finanical/sexual manipulation, power/control dynamics, obsession and compulsion, and our deepest fears and greatest unresolved karmic patterns. scorpio also rules trauma, cruelty, abuse and unconscious energies that sabotage us. negative archetypal examples of scorpio would be vampires, mass murderers, rapists, sociopaths and big business owners who gain wealth from manipulating/over-powering/taking advantage of others.

as you can see the shadow of saturn in scorpio can be intense. but the depth psychological principle of enantiodromia says 'when one things goes in one direction it has to go in equal and opposite direction to find balance'. so the extreme shadow of saturn in scorpio has an equal and opposite extreme Light. there are deep reservoirs of power, transformation and wealth (material and spiritual) located in scorpio's domain. saturn in scorpio can be an AMAZING transit for clearing out the crap in our lives. it's actually a wonderful time to get a colonic and do a colon cleanse (scorpio rules the bowels). of course if you are backed up and on toxic overload you will have a herx reaction when you start to cleanse before you start to feel better (google herx reaction for more info)- so you have to stick with the cleanse and not jump ship when the going gets tough ;)

saturn in scorpio is a time to experience life deeply and fully- rather than just skim the surface of it. it's a time for transformation, new beginnings and resurrection of our inner-High Self. the deepest depths saturn in scorpio can take us to can flip on a dime to the greatest heights. no this transit is not for the faint of heart- but who wants to have a faint heart!? we want strong, resilient hearts. we want open hearts that can feel, emote, Love and shine our inner Light! saturn in scorpio can teach us about the depths of our hearts and Souls and can actually bring us relationships that are incredibly intimate, passionate and transformational. of course we have to be open to what comes in- as your saturn in scorpio person is not necessarily going to be the cover model of GC or cosmopolitan. scorpio is a sign that understands that beauty emanates from within- so surface things don't catch scorpio. it's what lies beneath that really gets the juices flowing.

the profound insights and Soulful energy of saturn in scorpio are positively amazing! and mark your calendars because next JULY (2013) saturn will form a grand trine in water signs with jupiter and neptune that is incredibly AUSPICIOUS! the alignment of the two teacher planets (jupiter and saturn) and the two spiritual planets (jupiter and neptune) can bring profound spiritual teaching, expansion and awarness. and with water signs highlighted the soulful, emotional energy will be off the charts!

bottom line is that saturn in scorpio is not all bad. NOTHING in and of itself is all bad. everything has a Light and shadow. but the degree to which you are afraid of the shadow is the degree to which you can fear this transit and experience it as pretty crappy. let go of that fear and dive in! there is gold to be found in the shadow and pieces of your fragmented self to be retrieved. you cannot become whole and integrated if you do not access the shadow- so saturn in scorpio can be an amazing time of deep inner work and healing. it's definitely a great time for therapy, shamanism, and in- depth astrology readings by yours truly ;)

yours in the alchemical fires of transformation...

~divine harmony

p.s. read the weekly horoscopes to see where saturn in scorpio will be taking you deeper!

a few scorpio/shadow quotes to get the juices flowing...

"the shadow is both the awful thing that needs redemption, and the suffering redeemer who can provide it." ~liz greene

"in spite of its function as a reservoir for human darkness—or perhaps because of this—the shadow is the seat of creativity." ~jung

If we are to be totally honest with ourselves -- and "shadow work" demands nothing less -- we must be ready to face what we have been avoiding and resisting. For until we do, it will persistently arrive at our door and feel just like fate. The key to unlocking the hard nut of shadow work is self-compassion. ~unknown

"Rather than deny the physical universe in order to transcend it, Scorpio will immerse itself in physicality and even drown in it in order to go beyond it."
~rob hand

And now you know why you've got that "reputation." And now you know why people want so desperately to "experience" you, and then get frightened away by the intensity of what they felt. ~unknown


0 #5 Charl 2013-12-29 16:47
Yrs ago pluto stationed "70's". It brought a climax of a long situation to a very violent end. It rooted me with the force of the violence from an Aries sun moon and I immediately took an action around the issues only to run into another violent power play from a stranger this time and then more from young men on drugs.Next was word my kin jumped from car that would not let this kinfolk out. A court case followed. It was a nightmare of events but from it I had my first glimpse of powers not from humans. I respect pluto stationed.Pow.
0 #4 divine harmony 2013-01-24 14:57
thank you for your comments ladies :) kathryn yes pluto stationing a day after you were born means you have a stationary pluto- like me! it actually makes pluto and his themes more prominent and strong in your chart. so the above article should resonate big time! it depends on what house it is stationary in, what houses it rules, what planets it rules and what aspects it makes as to where and how the pluto/scorpio energy will focus itself. hope that helps :)

+1 #3 Susan 2012-12-17 05:46
Good to have found this article ... Scorpios everywhere, especially as we grow older, really do personify this article's closing quote: "And now you know why you've got that "reputation." And now you know why people want so desperately to "experience" you, and then get frightened away by the intensity of what they have felt" (unknown).

Adding to this ... just don't let "any ole one" experience you.

Scorpios, raise your glass. ;-)
0 #2 michelle 2012-10-29 21:04
Scorpio is beautiful
0 #1 Kathryn 2012-10-02 15:54
Interesting Article - thank you. I was born during a Pluto station, and the next day it turned direct. So does this mean I have some extra Pluto stuff going on? It is also conjunct my North Node in the 2nd house in Virgo. Thanks.

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